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Marine & Goods in Transit

Depending on your company, you may transport, import or export goods (finished goods, parts or raw materials). This may be to a customer, to your own premises or to a storage facility. Whether these goods are sent by post, air or sea your company will benefit from a ‘Goods in Transit’ or ‘Marine Insurance’ policy.

A lot of people think that because they have stock already insured, possibly under a Commercial Combined or Shop policy, then their goods are automatically covered whilst in transit. This is incorrect.

Goods whilst in transit or stored away from your premises would only be covered if you have a ‘Goods in Transit’ or ‘Marine’ policy.

You may not think you need cover whilst they’re on the road or stored elsewhere but what happens if the shipping container your goods are within gets broken into? What if the vehicle your goods are travelling in is involved within a road traffic accident or what if the postman loses your delivery? These costs would be down to you.

As an independent insurance broker, we have a wide range of UK insurers who can provide a Marine Policy. Having obtained the information required, our highly trained and professional brokers will search the markets available to obtain the most comprehensive quotation that suits you and your business.