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What is a retailer? – The Oxford English Dictionary defines a retailer as “a person or business that sells goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.”

This could range from an online clothing shop to a wine bar to a nail technician. The vast differences between trades shows just how unique each individual policy needs to be. This is why, at Smith Robinson, we don’t offer an ‘off the shelf’ type product that anybody can pick up; we perform an in-depth analysis of your business to obtain a tailor-made insurance policy from our range of UK Insurers.


A Retailer may benefit from the following insurances:

Property and Material Damage
Business Interruption
Legal Expenses
Public Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance
Glass/Sign Cover
Money Cover
Cyber Liability
Motor Fleet (if 3 or more vehicles) or
Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Please note that this isn’t all a Retailer may require. We will investigate all types of insurances once we are fully aware of your business.