From the inception of this business the most important stakeholders have been, and still are, its clients.
In recognition of the importance of our clients we undertake to carry out the following:

  • Take utmost care to ascertain the needs of our client
  • Provide the utmost appropriate insurance based solution to their needs
  • Explain the detail of the solution to them in clear and understandable language
  • Arrange contracts for them with financially secure product providers
  • Arrange contracts for them at competitive prices
  • Provide an efficient 'after sales' service particularly with regard to the administration and settlement of claims
  • Allow easy access to the Directors should it be necessary to complain about any aspect of our service
  • Desposit all money held on behalf of clients in a Client Trust account
  • To maintain an adequate number of technically competent and client focussed personnel thereby ensuring our high standards of service
  • Have arrangements with a large panel of product providers in order to provide, where appropriate, a whole of market capability and to have this firm held in high esteem with them
  • Subscribe fully to third party srutiny. Whilst our industry is now compulsory regulated (by Financial Conduct Authority) this firm became voluntarily regulated by the IBRC from its inception. We attained corporate Chartered Insurance Broker* status in June 2007 and were one of the first firms to achieve this

*This is an extract from a statement by the Chartered Insurance Institute: 'To support leading firms in the financial advice sector and to recognise their adherence to the highest standard of professional practice, the CII has introduced the corporate title of 'Chartered Insurance Broker''

November 2007